July 4th, 2007

Request~! (and a little help)

Hello! It's my first post here, and... I'm here to request some files ^^; (duh)

Anyone can upload Kanjani8's PVs in .MP4 format?
and the songs from Sankyoudai: Onigishi, Mikan, Purin and Amechan?

Filesend (www.filesend.net), Senspace or Mediafire will be ok!
Thanks anyway ^^!

Someone help me, pleeease T_T How can I watch to videos in MP4? I send a mp4 format video to my mp4 player but says 'Format error'. Sorry for the incovenience but anyone knows a video convertor to AMV format???
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What Ryo-chan?

[fic] Sweet Simplicity

Title: Sweet Simplicity

fresie/ fisshuok
Pairing: OhYass
Genre: AU, Drama
Disclaimer: No. Just--- no.
Summary: Ohkura Tadayoshi, a famous photographer who knows nothing but hatred and sarcasm, meets a young man, Yasuda Shota, and learns how to find and feel the lost emotions of love, sadness, pain and agony.
Author's Note: I've switched from using their last names to using their first names because always referring to Ryo as Nishikido became awkward for me to write so yeah. :DDD
Also, this was kind of long but it unravels part of Yasu's past.

( Chapter Four; His Discovery )