July 5th, 2007


St. Century 6/?

Title: St. Century 6/?

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ohkura/Subaru.

Genre: Crack/angst

Note: There will be a happy ending

Summary: Kanjani 8 get into a van wreck. They are transported to a universe much like their own, except their all interns.  Ohkura comes to a decision at a wedding reception, but he doesn't get the answer that he wanted.  


Kanjani8 47 Questions from Myojo~Everyone is done!

Since we all have a sick fascination with our favorite idols' answers to random questions (at least I do. Does anyone share this fascination???),  I translated all the questions they asked in Myojo for your reading pleasure.

Edit: Between myself and shimmeredusk at jcandygloss, this article is all done being translated, so if you have an interest in Hina, Subaru, and Tacchon, please read it here

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Hello! Sibarita here, I'm a newbie in the community (but well I've been lurking here like for ages) so I thought it will be good to star with sharing some icons I've made (some of them are already x-posted in forums like aibakaland or ninoland). Here it goes hope minna like them:
[12] Kanjani8
[22] Arashi
[1] Koyama
[1] Shigue


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Tacchon and the urban myth (translation)

Well, hello it's me again. <3. While I'm on a giant translating spree brought on by the recent ending of school and purchase of shiny magazines (which have caused me to go broke), I figured I may as well share what Tacchon has to say about urban myths. It's a short thing from Myojo, but I laughed my pants off reading it. It's really strange to imagine him saying that in his cute slightly lispy sounding voice.

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I couldn't believe he said he actually saw him!!!