July 7th, 2007

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[DL]Kj8 in natsu matsuri nippon no uta-Ryo' black hair !!~

[DL]Kj8 in natsu matsuri nippon no uta- Ryo' black hair !!~

Ryo's black hair come back!!~
Lastnight I wait for download Ryo's black hair,I really really happy for Ryo's black hair.
Sorry I'm not skill english 

Kanjani Medley ::
1. Sukiyanen~
2. Kungfuu Fighting
3. Zukkoke Otokomichi
4. Naniwa irohabushi ( *very impressive*) 

You can download in >>   http://ryojomaido.blog2.petitmall.jp/blog-entry-107.html#comment

Credit : Baidu
Angel of death

[Download] Itsudemo emi wo 2004.08.28

Hello minna!

I have a huge favour to ask. I found this file and I have no idea what programme or what date was it. And because I LOVE order it drives me nuts to have a file I can't properly name. So I'm gonna post some screen and hope that maybe some smart kind soul tells me what is it. It's a promotion for Naniwa Iroha Bushi, so it's probably some time around 2004.

If anyone wants me to upload this file, I'd be glad to do it. Just ask. Done.

EDIT: It's from a show called Itsudemo emi wo and the date is 2004.08.28. Thanks very much minna for help.

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