July 11th, 2007

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[fic] Sweet Simplicity

Title: Sweet Simplicity
Author: fresie/fisshuok
Pairing: OhYass
Genre: AU, Drama
Disclaimer: I-- No.
Summary: Ohkura Tadayoshi, a famous photographer who knows nothing but hatred and sarcasmn, meets a young man, Yasuda Shota, and learns how to find and feel the lost emotions of love, sadness, pain and agony.
Author's Note: This chapter unravels Tacchon's family members and his own problem.

( Chapter Six; His Brother )

(no subject)

Title: St. Century 9/?

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ohkura/Subaru.

Genre: Crack/angst

Note: to avoid confusion the alternative version of Subaru is called Shibutani.

Summary: Kanjani 8 get into a van wreck. They are transported to a universe much like their own, except their all interns.  After some of the group has returned to their own home, the rest are afraid they will be stuck in the other world forever.

Guh.  Maru.

Ohkura's parts in Hissatsu Shigotonin 2007

I clipped Ohkura's parts in Hissatsu Shigotonin 2007 for those who just wanted to see his parts only. His character seemed really cool in this drama special XD I wish they could've given him more parts~

Clip 1 (Ohkura's character's surrounded by little kids. Cuuuute.)
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5 (Ohkura's character on the ground weeping DX)
Clip 6
Clip 7 (Ohkura's character gets abused a little bit in this clip XD)
Clip 8
Clip 9 (Ohkura's character looks so cool at the beginning of this clip. I love the music playing in the background.)

Original file downloaded from WindJP.


Hi! ^__^ I have a request ^__^;;
I want to make T-shirt with sign "KANJANI8" and I wonder if anyone have good one ^__^;;; I need it to take to photograph and he'll print it on shirt ^^ so I need only sign XD thx for help <3
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