July 14th, 2007


Video help please? c:

A while ago I saw this thing where Subaru had Kanjani8 take their shirts off on this show. I haven't been able to find it since then and this has been some months ago. Does anyone have any idea where that's from or where I can find it? Translations would be nice too but Kanjani8 shirtless is a pleasure all in its own. :]

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[TV 2007.02.24] Momoko
[TV 2007.03.10] Momoko
[TV 2007.03.17] Momoko
[TV 2007.03.24] Momoko
[TV 2007.03.31] Momoko SP
[TV 2007.04.07] Momoko
[TV 2007.04.14] Momoko
[TV 2007.04.21] Momoko
[TV 2007.04.28] Momoko
[TV 2007.05.05] Momoko
[TV 2007.05.12] Momoko SP Kanjani8
[TV 2007.05.19] Momoko
[TV 2007.05.26] Momoko
[TV 2007.06.02] Momoko
[TV 2007.06.09] Momoko
[TV 2007.06.16] Momoko
[TV 2007.06.23] Momoko
[TV 2007.06.30] Momoko
[TV 2007.07.07] Momoko

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Shige monster

Otakon JE Meetup Reminder!

Since it's about a week until Otakon, I'll post this reminder.

There is going to be a JE meetup at Otakon 2007~! It will be on Saturday, July 21 at 11am next to the gaint ship (near the entrance to the Dealer's room). I will be dressed as Fever to Future Yamapi and there should be some other JE cosplayers there as well, so just look for that. ^^ Hope to see you there~!

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Title : Trigger Prologue
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : RyoUchi
Rating : PG-15
Genre : Crime, angst and mindfuck
Summary: Nishikido Ryo was a disillusioned investigator in the Tokyo Major Crimes Division while Uchi Hiroki was a journalist looking for a scoop. A macabre crime soon brings the two together.
A/N : Part of this fic was written way before but somehow I wouldn't decide what Ryo's character was. Inspired by the movie '8mm' and because I'm a sucker for crime/suspense fics. And because Hana-fuda is finished so it means I can start on a new RyoUchi fic. Comments are loved and dedicated to crux_australis who is the best reader any fanfic writer could hope for.

And he would have given up, would have handed in his badge and Glock if it wasn’t for his sister.
☆ 仁 { eating }

[Fanfic] At the rainbow's end Chapter 03

Title: At the rainbow's end
Author: ikujinashi & tsukimiso
Genre: Drama
Rating: R for later chapters, G for now.
Disclaimer: At profile
Main characters: Picture
Warnings: Brotherly love.
Summary: Ryo is as happy as he thinks he can be. He has everything a guy could want: friends, a cute girlfriend, a hot mother, a rich father and a sibling he doesn't have to care about because nobody else does. Hiroki lacks confidence, doesn't know how to do anything right, and hasn't looked anyone in the eye for almost a decade - but he won't hold a grudge against anyone. No matter what happens, he appreciates his parents, and loves the brother who denies his existence.
Japanese in this chapter: Oniisama = Very formal way of addressing someone's older brother, Ano = Um..., Daijoubu = Safe/all right, Sumimasen = I'm sorry, Ne = Agreement/Request for confirmation/Hey, (Read more about Japanese honorifics here.)

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