July 15th, 2007

[Request] Urajani

After finishing my post on Urajani collection, I find that I have several missing files.... just wonder if anyone can provide:

File31 [2004.11.2]
File32 [2004.11.9]
File34 [2004.11.23]
File35 [2004.11.30]
File40 [2005.1.11]

The rest of the episodes are HERE

Thanks in advance!

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Title: St. Century 10/10

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ohkura/Subaru.

Genre: Crack/angst

Note: to avoid confusion the alternative version of Subaru is called Shibutani.

Summary: Kanjani 8 get into a van wreck. They are transported to a universe much like their own, except their all interns.  Everyone has returned home, but will there be a happy ending?


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hello everyone! I have a little request and would be SOOOOO happy and thankful for the rest of my life if someone could help me. I'm looking for the SubaruYasuda muchaburi episode.. I don't know if it has been uploaded earlier, then I missed it.. So, if someone could upload it for me I'd really appreciate that. Thank you! and I prefer megaupload or SS!

thank you thank you
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So we all know that Uchi-kun and Kusano are most likely not going to be returning to Kanjani8 and NewS. Most of us are sad, upset, and mad (at you kno who).
But in another yahoo japan article it seems like its not IMPOSSIBLE for them to come back.
In this article, it just says its VERY DIFFICULT for them to return.



As for me, I like to think on the posisitve side, so I'm gonna hope and hope wish and wish that they will return to Kanjani8 and NewS.

Then I was thinking, maybe we can all write a letter. I wasn't sure if this is acceptable, but I couldn't ask the Johnny's Jimusho becuz they only allow email questions from people in the fan club.
Anyhow, I was hoping that maybe we can write a letter to Johnny-san asking him to rethink his decision on this matter.
Of course, we shouldn't be threatening him or say bad things. It would reflect negatively on Uchi-kun and Kusano-kun.
I just really want Johnny-san to know that there are many fans not only in Japan but all over the world, who are hoping for the two of them to return to their groups.

What do you guys think? good idea? bad idea?

I'm sorry. I just can't seem to sit and relax when I think about Uchi not being able to return to Kanjani8 hehe (^^;)

Please give me opinions!! Thanks!!!
Love you all<3
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Uchi and Kusano after PLAYZONE...?

Yahoo! Japan article


An easy, simple translation.....

Johhny-san said it. THEY ARE NOT RETURNING

But again, there is a good side to this news....
Because of their hard work in PLAYZONE,
JE is planning to have them debut again as a solo or in another group...

Ugh..... why why why why DDDDD: *cries*

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