July 23rd, 2007

Translation: Recommen(2007.0719) Yoko wears no shorts basically.

I updated the latest Recommen. I don't know how long. It's not everything but it's pretty long.
I hope you like it.

I'll update later again there's very funny part. They talked about dirty stuff.

Yoko gets mad with Yasu and Maru
Maru sent Maru an email while on the radio show
Yoko wears no shorts basically
Apology for TV-Guide
Yoko:You need only 2 hours to get 2Kgs.
Hina notes how much gurantee he's got
Yoko's criticism to a millet fumplings (a special product of Okayama)
Yoko&Hina:Maru is  a mystery man
Hina bargained to buy worry beads.
Yoko:I wanna live conservative
akame gif

(Sell) Kanjani 8 「えっ!ホンマ!?ビックリ!!」 TOUR 2007 concert goods + Ryo & Totsu official shop photos

Hi! I have some new goods for sale:
-Nishikido Ryo uchiwa from Kanjani 8's latest concert
-Ohkura Tadayoshi uchiwa from Kanjani 8's latest concert
-Kanjani 8 Official Memorial book
-Kanjani 8 Official Penlight
-Ryo Official shop photos
-Totsuka Shota Official shop photo

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Contact me at niigaki_ai@hotmail.com if you're interested. ^^
Chloe-baby! <3

88 Questions & 88 Answers (from KANSAI一週間)

I`ve started translating the 88 Questions and 88 Answers from KANSAI一週間 at my LJ if you would like to have a read. :D (Only the questions to the readers and Yoko`s questions are done for now though...But keep checking back!)



Note: Please do not take the translations without permission. I do put a lot of time into them, and it`s only polite to ask. Thank-you :)

Request for information

So. Since people are going on about writing letters to Johnny-san, I thought I'll write one too, since I really want Uchi-kun back. So, to really make a good argument, I want to be perfectly clear on what he said when Uchi-kun got suspended. It would be kind of bad if I said "dude, you said you'd bring him back, so you have too" (except obviously politely) if he didn't say that. I'm under the impression that it was an indefinite maybe he'll be back type of thing, but I want to be a bit clearer.

So please if you're a person who has all the facts straight and likes Uchi-kun, share them with me, because if I (and my English teachers) do say so myself, making persuasive points is quite a forte of mine, so I'll take your information and sharpen it into a deadly sword of logic! I feel stupid for saying that. So if there's any other information you think could help, please share that as well. Every little bit will help. Thank you!

Ugh, I also don't know how I should address Johnny-san. Kitagawa-san, I guess, but I wish it could sound more polite, but sama sounds retarded, but maybe I should use sama anyways to be safe? I suck at keigo!