July 26th, 2007

Shige monster

Eito Ranger Pictures

I'm in need of Eito Ranger Pictures....Just one good group shot would be nice. I'm in the middle of creating an eito Ranger facebook community...so I need atleast one picture for its default. Thanks so much~! ^^

ps...I'll let you guys know when its done so you can join if you want, ^^

Tokyo dome con

Hiya ^^

Well, I'm going to the Tokyo dome concert ^__^ A friend of mine was going to go with me but for some reasons she can't come T____T So I was wondering if someone here that is ging to Japan wants to come ^^ It is for the 5th of August ^^

Please mail me to nira.chan [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested ^___^

Babai~~ <33
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[fanfic] At the rainbow's end Chapter 08

Title: At the rainbow's end
Author: ikujinashi & tsukimiso
Genre: Drama
Rating: R for later chapters, PG for now.
Disclaimer: At profile
Main characters: Picture
Warnings: Brotherly love.
Summary: Ryo is as happy as he thinks he can be. He has everything a guy could want: friends, a cute girlfriend, a hot mother, a rich father and a sibling he doesn't have to care about because nobody else does. Hiroki lacks confidence, doesn't know how to do anything right, and hasn't looked anyone in the eye for almost a decade - but he won't hold a grudge against anyone. No matter what happens, he appreciates his parents, and loves the brother who denies his existence.
Japanese in this chapter: Oniisama = Very formal way of addressing someone's older brother, Daijoubu = It's okay, Daisuki = I love you, Un = Uh huh. (Read more about Japanese honorifics here.)

(And things suddenly got so much more complicated.)

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06 | Chapter 07 |

Anyone going to eito's concert in osaka?

Hi!! I'm new here...
I was just wondering whether anyone here is going to eito's concert in osaka...I'm planning to go...probably on the 30th and 31st august...it would be great if we could meet up before the concert...
I went to their concert in Toyama with a friend of mine and there were a few japanese girls who were quite mean..they said that we foreigners were just causing troubles being there (迷惑だ)...I was standing behind them at that time...how rude!!! I'm hoping that people in osaka are going to treat us nicely...;p