August 3rd, 2007

Looking for Johnny's Fansite Workers!! (new account'hanaxjohnnys'old account'kamekattunlove')

Hello~Fan Girls~<3 I've decided to create a big fansite for Worldwide Johnny's fans and I am need of workers!
All the Informations & Jobs are;


If you have any questions/comments, feel free to mail Hana. (

I'll be looking forward to your applications.


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i feel very confused right now, maybe its nothing important.. i read from some one's blog that the title of Uchi n Kusano song (from Playzone) is Aruite Yukou (歩いてゆこう). But from the MP3 i got the name is ALL THE WAY. So confusing!! that's why i've got these two Question.

#1. What is the correct title of the song that Uchi Hiroki & Kusano Hironori sang in the PLAYZONE 2007 [Chance 2 Change]?
#2. Is it gonna be featured in the PLAYZONE  CD?

Please answer this~
i just cant shake this off of my head... >____<