August 8th, 2007

규현 - Hand-Heart

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Mmm Actually I'm searching for these original photoshoot pictures (if possible, all members pics):

credits to riwethiel for the second icon. (Sorry, I don't know who made the first icon ._.)

Thanks anyway!
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Request: Teruteru Kazoku

Could someone please tell me where I can download Teru Teru Kazoku? Not just the clip where Ryo-chan sings Love Me Tender because I already have that. Feel free to kick me or something if it's some really obvious place, but I've looked everywhere I know. I don't mind what server it's on as long as it's not some clubbox because they're all in Korean and I don't know a word of Korean, not even cucumber.

As repayment, I'll translate something. I was planning to put up an already done one as a bribe, but I've been to lazy to finish anything. I'm sorry for being negligent!
☆ 仁 { eating }

[fanfic] At the rainbow's end Chapter 12

Title: At the rainbow's end
Author: ikujinashi & tsukimiso
Genre: Drama
Rating: R for later chapters, PG for now.
Disclaimer: At profile
Main characters: Picture
Warnings: Brotherly love.
Summary: Ryo is as happy as he thinks he can be. He has everything a guy could want: friends, a cute girlfriend, a hot mother, a rich father and a sibling he doesn't have to care about because nobody else does. Hiroki lacks confidence, doesn't know how to do anything right, and hasn't looked anyone in the eye for almost a decade - but he won't hold a grudge against anyone. No matter what happens, he appreciates his parents, and loves the brother who denies his existence.
Japanese in this chapter: Oniisama = Very formal way of addressing someone's older brother, Niichan = More casual way of addressing someone's older brother, Ne = Hey/Right?, Yatte = Do it, Yatta = Yay, Konnichiwa = Hello/Good afternoon, Daisuki = I love you, Dakara = Because, Chu = Kiss. (Read more about Japanese honorifics here.)

(The mother.)

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06 | Chapter 07 | Chapter 08 | Chapter 09 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

It's the ∞ Day!!!

Apart from the opening of the Beijing Olympics, 080808 means a lot to eighters, isn't it?

(according to Japanese time it's midnight already ^u^)

OMG I am sooooo excited now *V*

I just which that miracles may happen today ><"
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