August 17th, 2007

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Sarujie 19.07.2006 Caps!

This one is full of games and these caps might contain spoilers. so if you havent watch it but want to watch it one day, maybe you wont like this post ;] it's not so interesting though if you watched it already. I know I'm so late only watch this now.. but I seriously couldnt stop myself capturing almost this whole video! Hina, Baru and Yasu are soo cuuute esp Baru I miss his hair back then. ok I'll stop my rambles.

here ;

hope this is allowed ^^
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Title : Diabolos Chapter 7
Pairing : Ryo x Ohkura
Genre : I refuse to slap a label on this fic
Rating : R
Summary : Psycho!Ohkura with a God Complex. Ryo the unwilling accomplice fighting a losing battle against his conscience. And their twisted relationship you can either see as self-inflicted torture or a warped kind of love.
A/N : My inspiration has nudged me towards this fic and no I have no idea whether that is good or bad. For kamexkame aka Ana whose last comment blew me away. And also to diac who has been very supportive and encouraging with all her comments. Comments/critiques are loved.

Nishikido Ryo liked the brief paralysis of oblivion
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[Scans] Duet 199803 & Josei Jishin 20070814

Here's some more old magazine scans, and some new ones too! The first lot are from 1998 and feature just Yoko this time, including some with chibi Aiba and even chibier MatsuJun. The second set are from a random women's magazine I picked up at random at a kiosk on a station, and it turned out to have K8 on it, unexpectedly! Of course I bought it, even though they only have a couple of pages. I've not seen them online, though, so I thought I'd share! :)

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Suka*j episode...

Hi everybody, I have a question, does anyone here have an idea as to the date of this suka j episode?

I was just browsing vendy's and saw the screencaps (hence the random red marks) and I really wanna know which ep this is. hope someone can help.
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Thank you everyone for your comments on my previous posts - I'm glad people are appreciating the old scans! :D Here's the next batch! See Yoko and Hina looking lonely by themselves, and Subaru and Nino being a distinctly awkward pair. *snicker*

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