August 20th, 2007

RayxKai - Nostalgia
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Request for YouTube link (or download link, should it exist)

Hi, I'm extremely sorry to bother you all, but I've spent the last two hours searching YouTube with all the keywords I could think of, but not finding anything, and it's driving me slightly crazy.

I'm looking for the subtitled version of the Recommen, where Hina and Yoko call Subaru for his birthday and end up talking to his mother. When I saw it on YouTube, it was an audiofile with a black background and the subs on that background.
Does it ring a bell with anyone?

Sorry again to bother you, I normally hesitate to make requests like this, but I've just been unable to find that file and I'd really love to watch it again.
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[Request filled] Yokohama concert 2007-05-06


I have a strange request today and I'd be very grateful for anyone's help. A while ago lovely samuraiblues posted a few fancam videos from Yokohama concert on May 6th, 2007. Unfortunately, one of the clips, eito ranger skit was uploaded only to MU and the file was so big that it's only available for PREMIUM MU users. And, of course, I don't have a premium account. And I'd really really want to see it.

So my question is this: is anyone with a premium account willing to download it and upload for me on another server? It doesn't matter how long it takes.

And here's the link:

Split file on MU (3 parts) courtesy of kiranmaru, credit for the file: samuraiblues & ayanami05.

Mirror on MF (6 parts)


Does anybody have:
kono hoshi de umarete by Ryo
open your eyes by Ryo
mermaid by Uchi

I can't seem to find these anywhere >_>;; I'd be forever grateful if anyone could upload any of these :D
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[fanfic] At the rainbow's end Chapter 13

Title: At the rainbow's end
Author: ikujinashi & tsukimiso
Genre: Drama
Rating: R for later chapters, PG for now.
Disclaimer: At profile
Main characters: Picture
Warnings: Brotherly love.
Summary: Ryo is as happy as he thinks he can be. He has everything a guy could want: friends, a cute girlfriend, a hot mother, a rich father and a sibling he doesn't have to care about because nobody else does. Hiroki lacks confidence, doesn't know how to do anything right, and hasn't looked anyone in the eye for almost a decade - but he won't hold a grudge against anyone. No matter what happens, he appreciates his parents, and loves the brother who denies his existence.
Japanese in this chapter: Niichan = More casual way of addressing someone's older brother, Ne = Hey/Right?, Daisuki = I love you. (Read more about Japanese honorifics here.)

(Friends until forever ends...)

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06 | Chapter 07 | Chapter 08 | Chapter 09 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12
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K8 comm - January 1st -> August 25th

I don't really know why I did this but anyway, these are all the links for downloads, translations, lyrics, scans... from January 1st to May 5th August (though some translation/reports are still missing cause LJ doesn't allow me to add more text!! D: - will post the rest up later).
Hope it helps~

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Concurso JE

Sorry >_< only in Spanish


Pues bien quiero invitar a las personas que les gustan los Johnny's a participar en un concurso organizado por Morfin Ceres y Sassech de Spain Shonen Club y JFan Service respectivamente.
Yo solo colaboro en lo administrativo ( Johnny's World )

Los premios serán:
- Revistas
- Uchiwas
- Singles
- y demás cosas JE

Hay varias categorías y dependiendo de la categoría es el premio que se otorgará.
Por favor si no pertenecen a alguno de estos foros solo digan en que comunidad LJ estan unidos, es decir, newsjpop LJ  ó Kanjani8 LJ por ejemplo =D

más información en:

enjoy! :3

Golden - loveiro
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(no subject)

Me again, with more old scans! Summer themed this time, so there's some playing at the beach and toplessness. ^_^ Also featuring various chibi members of Arashi, Tsubasa and Domoto Koichi. Also note hilarious size difference between Yasu and Ryo. *pets Ryo* XD

Hope you like them! :)

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Uploads: Mugendai no Gimon and Sarudie

yelloweito asked for a Mugendai episode in this post, and Maku was lovely enough to upload the AnAn episode. ♥

I have now uploaded the one after that - from 20050621, about the UFOs.

Have some screencaps Collapse )

And because it'd be a shame for the links to go to waste: I have also uploaded a Sarudie episode with Hina, Yasu and Babu - from 20060719.
(Um. In case you didn't know, Sarudie -or Sarujie- is that weird but absolutely hilarious show with the monkey hosts. Planet of the Apes... in game format. XD)

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Happy watching~♥
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