August 26th, 2007

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This is the recommen when Maru was there and they called Koyama(NEWS).  If you like brief summary, please visit my journal.

Also: I'm looking for a Vanilla Kibun when Yoko was the guest in March.  If you know where I can get the file, let me know PLEASE!!!

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This my second time post here~~~~

I'm request Onigishi mp3 sang by Baru~~~
And also do you guys have any fanfics that Ryo found out that he pregnant,
having his period or something like that??I really wanna read that kind of fics~~~^_^

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Hello you. I am searching for "Kikujani" of Ryo and Subaru on August 25, 2007, now. Please give, if it is, although had!
Thank you!

Up for grabs ~


I have several batches of Kanjani8 articles for sale. They are from the Jan 2007 - Sept 2007 issues of Winkup/ Potato/ Myojo/ Duet or from TV guides.

Posters/ Pin Ups

KJP 1 - USD 2.50 [edit: SOLD!]

(kat-tun at the back)

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Hello~ first time poster bringing icons

.11 kuriyama chiaki icons
.04 ishihara satomi icons
.01 Shiniji of SID
.01 Love Com
.03 NEWS (Siopao[tego], Shige & Pi)
.04 Ryouchi
.05 K8

.02 Aragaki Yui


ALL HERE@mouasadayo
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