September 10th, 2007

A song a called "Subaru".

Hello everyone, I found something interesting the other day and I want to share it with the rest of you. I'm not sure whether this allowed or not as it is not directly related to Eito but...I think you'll find that it is very relevant to them all the same.

There is an old Enka song that goes by the title subaru. Or in english, The Pleiades, as Subaru's name is the japanese word for the pleiades (a cluster of stars or seven star sisters in greek mythology).

You can find lyrics and translations for this song. as well as more info about the pleiades. In my journal here -

this is really a beautiful song and if anyone here has an interest please be sure to drop by my journal and take a look (and a listen) at/to it. And afterwards I would love to hear your comments about it because there is really so much that can be said about this song and what it may (or may not) signify about eito and subaru.
ryo : life

Happy bday Uchi ♥

Title: The Princess Uchi and Seven Rangers
Author: riwethiel
Pairing: Uchi/Kanjani8
Genre: comedy/crack
Translation (from polish to english): Scarlet (the Great, who loves her lil sis so much that she agreed to translate a story about a person she hates most in the whole world – Uchi. I know that I suck at translating, but please, appreciate it)

( HERE )

규현 - Hand-Heart

Requesting a video

Hello there! ^^ Here is me requesting something again. -.-'
Well, I saw these screencaps months ago, I searched but I didn't find this video. Anyone can tell me in what program showed it and upload it for me? (mediafire will be fine)
They are eating a popular food from my country (Brazil) and I was interested to see it. XD

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Thanks for your attention! 

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Yassan!
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Hi all!

I know I already asked for the video of yassan crying when suba ate his strawberry. Now I have a very very big favor to ask... Can someone sub it? or atlweast can someone upload it hard subbed? I would greatly appreciate it.. Thanks in advance..

Im also sharing a wallpaper of yassan since it's his birthday...