September 12th, 2007

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Title : Trigger Chapter 2
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : RyoUchi
Rating : PG-15
Genre : Crime, angst and gore
Summary: Nishikido Ryo was a disillusioned investigator in the Tokyo Major Crimes Division, filled with self-hatred and regret for not being able to save his sister. Uchi Hiroki was a journalist looking for a scoop. A macabre crime by a killer with a personal vengeance soon brings the two together.
A/N : This one contains a little gore so if u are not into that, please steer clear. That said, it's my fave genre and for everyone who loved the beginning of this fic, because I think it was one of the better stuff I've written this while. Comments are very much appreciated.

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[rumour] Yuu in Yuukan Club??!!

I was browsing my f-page @ LJ and Linh (from Our Hour Community) said something about the complete cast of Yuukan Club But she said its not official yet...
Anyway here's the list:

Akanishi Jin
Yokoyama Yu
Taguchi Junnosuke
Minami (apparently a new actress)
Kashii Yuu
Suzuki Emi

OMG!!! If this is true i'd be very Happy!!!
Yuuu~~ *hugs yuuchi* 
*prays for this being official!*

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 [REQUEST] UTABAN 2007-06-07

Hello everyone, been a member for a while now and first time posting.  what a great community this is.  i have a small request.  i was wondering if anyone have the subbed version of k8 on UTABAN 2007-06-07.  i thought someone did release it, but i have checked most of the fansub groups i know and i can't find it.  so it would be much appreciate it if someone have it or just tell me i'm crazy and there is no subbed version of this yet.  thanks again and sorry for such a loooong post.  have a great day everyone! :) 

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Recently I posted a new K8 translation on shimmeredusk and my translation comm, jcandygloss, but it seems that not very many people read it, so I was sad because it's a really long one. But maybe just not that many people know about it? If you do, then sorry about bothering you, but if not please check it out!<3. The translations are friends locked, but that's just so we don't get sued by Johnny-san, so please feel free to join if you want to read them.

Thank you.