September 16th, 2007


upcoming appearances

Here are K8's upcoming TV appearances.

9/21 THE WIDE (NTV 13:55-15:50)
- Konshuu no Otokomae segment

10/7 THE! Tetsuwan! DASH!! (NTV 18:55-19:58)
- Hina, Yoko, Subaru, Maru, Yasu only it seems. I'm guessing they get paired up with TOKIO members, I dunno.
- 100nin no Keiji Series ~ These are pretty fun. If I remember correctly, they have to secretly make their way to different locations where there is a can that they must kick. All must be done within a time limit and without getting caught by one of the 100 people on the lookout.

10/8 HEY!HEY!HEY! (Fuji 20:00-20:54)
- Talk + performance of It's My Soul

10/12 Utahime begins (TBS Fridays 22:00-23:10)

10/16 Yuukan Club begins (NTV Tuesdays 22:00-22:54)

10/18 Utaban (TBS 19:54)
- thanks to paaaaan for the info

Also, Hina will be appearing on a new show starting some time this fall.
Megami no Antenna (TV Asahi Mondays 19:00-19:54)

ETA: They're also the October monthly guest on MyuuPara Tokku Thursdays ABCTV @ 26:16. Show's website.
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Eito is going to be in Utaban again... actually they already filmed!!! Now is a matter of time and see when are they going to broadcast it.... 
The complete news might come later, dear paaaaan we're waiting for you XD

Credits: paaaaan in ES forum

[Fic] Stereo [Chapter 3/5]

I have decided to end this in another 2 Chapters. Considering I wrote the prologue in such a way, the ending can't be pretty.

Sorry, RyoUchi fans. But I will try  cooking another dish in my pan. A good RyoUchi one. But all I could come up with are stories that are tragic and er... mostly concerns death.

It is obvious that I am addicted to writing. Helps improve my English, it isn't my first language you see...

Ah, I made an account in LJ not knowing anyone from here. So I am surprised that there are people who read my stuff, I am glad and appreciative.

Do read on. Gives me drive to continue.

Chapter 3

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BACK TO SCHOOL, and already broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i need this to go
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