September 24th, 2007

Where to find Johnny's Merchandise worldwide - collecting places now.


I'm spacebunnygirl the mod of je_express a 100% open JE media sharing community. We just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! ^_^

Right now though I am collecting places to buy JE merchandise anywhere in the world (because we do encourage you to go and buy the real merchandise when and where feasible) - Stores, Online stores, JE merchandise selling/trade communities/ if you know of a place that sells/trades any kind of JE Merchandise please jump over to je_express and reply -

Help people find JE stuff in your neighborhood!!

Thank you!!


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heat_up_je is a comm that specializes in het JE fanwork-- it's fairly new and we've only opened it recently! Please join if you're interested~

As an opening gift to the comm, I wrote something for it:

Title: Helena
Author: Ekai Ungson/noble_scarlet
Characters: Nishikido Ryo, Sawajiri Erika
Pairings: See above
Ratings: R
Disclaimer: Not even, you guys
Summary: Set in RL-- yes, RL-- during the filming of "1 rittoru no namida", and whatever happens afterward. She was probably the last girl he ought to be involved with. What follows is an odd, destructive sort of affair-- without love, or so they think.

(And what's the worst you take from every heart you break)

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[REQUEST] Kanjani8 Concerts Tracklist

Um, I again, humbly requesting for anyone to post the track lists of Kanjani8 Concerts (Excite, Spirits and Heat Up!) because there are many songs that I like in those concerts but doesn't actually know the title. x_x Thank you in advance! <3 Sorry for bothering you! :3
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