September 26th, 2007

last week's janiben....

anyone has last week's janiben? where they had to guess the meaning of 'PK' and stuff....could you please be so kind as to upload it for me? and this is actually the 2nd time i'm asking...does anyone have 'The Wide' file? the one where they showed up wearing hot HG...



September anniversary tribute

hello minna!

sweetdude_v5 and I made a simple video in tribute of their debut anniversary this Sept 22nd. But, as we are not the most hardworking people in the fandom, this video also includes NEWS and Arashi to celebrate their anniversary as well.


The quality is urm... crappy, but please try to enjoy it!

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Hi all! Last 2 weeks ago I started downloading the subbed special drama jitensha shonenki at kansaiboys community via torrent. But until now I'm stuck at 86% and I'm sure i'm not the only one... so im applealing to all of you who have downloaded it already, please seed.. ^^

Thanks in advance... Oh if you find this post inappropriate please delete it.. ^^