October 4th, 2007

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Shibutani Subaru & Nishikido Ryo community

Yup.. We (ttxryo_nic and myself) couldn't resist it any longer... and since this is our OTP we decided to open a community that supports BaRyo love!! Please join and start spamming the community with this "awkward but lovely" couple!!!  ♥.

Please everyone, join and suport us ^_^
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Hiroshima kanjani8 fans... JE Fansclub member

Minna, I just arrived in Saijo, Higashi Hiroshima last week, and until now I only found 1 person who also love kanjani8 like me. So through this community, I 'd like to ask minna-san, is there any other Hiroshiman who also love Kanjani8? If there is, I'd really love to know you ^^

And I also I've seen somewhere around here how to become a member of JE fansclub, but I can't find it again. So can someone kindly show me how to become a JE Fansclub member?

Thanks a lot...
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just wanted to share this one icon I just made from the new PV..
I dunno if I'll make more for this PV, since it took a long time, and recently my work has made me sleepy!

hope you like it and please remember to credit when using ^__^
credit either: Mitani or TheDayHeDied
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Kanjani8 - It's My Soul Screen Caps


I made screen caps of Kanjani8's It's My Soul PV for my friends page, and I thought I may as well share them here as well, since this PV is so worth pimping... <3

(To the hot pants!)

File Info: Zipped, 5.51 MB. 153 JPEG images in total.
Sample caps are available under the fake cut.

Enjoy! Comments aren't necessary, but are appreciated. <3
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