October 6th, 2007

  • pamtre

Trade magazine clippings?

(I hope this is allowed here. It's not completely unrelated to KANJANI8, so please bear with me!)

I'm looking for someone who buys JE magazines every month and is willing to sell me their NEWS clippings :)
Otherwise we could work out a deal where I buy the magazines and I keep the NEWS one, but I sell you the KANJANI8 ones.

Is there such a person out there?
Best if you're located in Singapore because shipping would be cheaper.

My email is tisyors@gmail.com, so please send me an email if you'd like to make such a deal :)
bumble ball

a small request...

Let me know if this is not allowed but I wanted to try asking anyways.

I've seen communities like ohkura_daily (hope I spellt it right. @_@) and miyavi_daily where they focus mainly on that one person...

Is there one for Yokoyama Yu? I've suddenly grown very attached to him and I'm looking for a community like that.

Please and thank you!



I went ahead and made one really quick... I'm working on rules and going through the other communities to see what they are like and stuff...

the username for the community is yokoyama_daily

^.^ YAY YOKO!!