October 15th, 2007

Sho and Cat

Mamoritai guitar chords

I'm doing this for the first time so I'm a bit nervous. I'm a newbie at guitar but it's always fun when I managed to play along to a song I like. Then I tried looking for the chords for Mamoritai cause I adore Tacchon. He should have more solo parts!! XD

Anyway, this is what I managed...

(Play Mamoritai?)

The interlude part and the ending is not there because since I can't keep up with the song, I just sing it myself so I don't really need those parts. (And I tried once but just got frustrated :P) Please tell me what you think of it. And if you think you can improve it, please do tell me. I'll edit my post and of course, I'll credit you. I promise!! ^^

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[request] HeyHeyHey =.=

Naaah..Minna...the MF stafft deleted the Heyx3 kanjani file I uploaded a few days ago...luckily I burnt the file to DVD but it seems like the burning failed...so I am not owner of my own rip anymore aaaaah x____X
Can anyone reupload "my" version on any server except MU? ;__; because I want to own it again Q____Q
규현 - Hand-Heart

(no subject)

Hello! Well, I want to request these episodes from Honjani:

2003.09.30 Swimming episode
2006.05.09 Pet photography episode
2006.05.15 basketball part I
2006.05.23 basketball part II

Any server except Megaupload will be great!

and a question. Anyone can tell me where can I download Janiben episodes? I didn't download some old episodes because I didin't have time. I found download links but all links is in MU _ _''

Anyway, thanks! ^^