October 17th, 2007

yamapi NwP

[SELLING] BRAND NEW Nov. Myojo, Oct. Duet,

hi guys this is my first itme posting in here!!  welll i'm selling the Nov. '07 Myojo, Oct. '07 Duet, & Sept. '07 Duet, and they're BRAND NEW i swear!!!! it's just sitting on my desk with nowhere to go cuz yeahh, some ppl who were gonna buy them ended up not buying them in the end =[ they all have glossyy kanjani8 goodness of coursee :D

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if you're interested please come to my lj  crazypilovee
OR email me at crazypilovee@gmail.com with your desired item and lj username!! than youuu!!

btw have you guys watched yukan club yet? ;]
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