October 18th, 2007

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Subaru's Stageplay Never Gonna Dance & Hina

I have some things to ask regarding Subaru's 2005 stageplay with V6's Sakamoto Masayuki. I never heard about this stageplay before (only read the title in wiki) and only knew a few days ago when I downloaded the CM here in eito_rangers. I was interested and I want to know more about this stageplay cause it's interesting and I dont know Japanese, but I think it was kind of Salsa, the way Subaru dance and his outfit? Here's the only two pictures I could find about this stageplay ; (one is kind of like the ads, and one is Subaru's solo pic)

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I'll appreciate anyone's help to let me know what the stage play was about, more info about it or even better fancams hehe I was so curious thank you so much in advance! And just a quick question about Hina. who is this girl?

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Sorry if it's too much, thank you so much in advance! &hearts