October 20th, 2007


Yukan Club ep.1 [subbed - Nya! version]

Nya!Fansubs and Love Song are doing this one, and both released today! *cheers on both*
Here's the Nya!Fansubs' version, if you're interested, on MegaUpload. Me 'n Blue haven't slept for two days, so we're going to bypass the MF until tomorrow, unless someone else gets to it first, na ^_^ Anyways, go thank both of the subbing groups for doing such a great job on them and getting them out so fast~

Download either from Nya!Fansubs forum here --> http://forum.nyafansubs.com/index.php?showtopic=243&view=getnewpost

OR see my Nyaing post --> http://community.livejournal.com/nyaing/tag/yukan+club

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hi there. i have re-checked all the posts here for Muchaburi dated 2007.10.03 (or 10.04, since i'm confuse with the day that this show's being aired) but failed to see any. i have also checked some clubboxes for it but found none. i wanted to ask if there was an episode aired on this date (or for that week) or none. thanks.

MOD, please delete if unaccepted.


Ok there was some confusion with the last post about a new layout for the comm. I don't think alot of people knew what to do. So osakaromanesque another one of the comm's new Mods wrote up a more detailed list of guidelines for submission. I hope now everything is clearer for everyone. I was told to edit the previous post but I don't think people will have a chance to see it then. However I might delete it if people find annoying.

layout specifications
1. must be s2 with sidebars for easier linking
2. text must be readable.
3. colors must be pleasant to the eyes
4. navigation should not be confusing.

submission guidelines
1. create a test journal to test the layouts in.
2. in one week, there will be a post for submission where members will submit their layouts in comments. all comments will be screened
3. after the mods have compiled the layout submission, there will be a poll with screencaps of submitted layouts.
4. in each submission post, it must have:

layout style: flexi squares, smooth sailing, etc
sidebar: y/n
compatible with: basic, plus and/or paid

Ok remember ANYONE can enter so go ahead and participate! ^_^