October 21st, 2007

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KJ8 on SCP questions

Since the recent news of Okura showing up on Shounen Club Premium has surfaced, I have a few questions regarding other KJ8 member's appearances.

1. I read a translation of Subaru's appearance and I believe I remember him mentioning Yoko saying that the atmosphere of the show was kind of nerve-wrecking. (Subaru said it really wasn't but, anyhow) does this mean Yoko has been on SCP? Or am I crazy? XD

2. Have any of these been soft or hard subbed? Or is there at least a translation for Hina's out there? Luckily someone did a trans for Subaru but yeah.

Any help is appreciated! I don't have much to give but I got new fonts so maybe I'll post icons today. ^.^
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oh man...long time no posting or translating;;

I'm planning to translate but can't decide which one HEY!03 (07.10.08) or UTABAN (07.10.18)
Both is really funny and hard to translate lol

which one should I translate??

we got
"34 votes for Utaban and 21 votes for HEY!03"

so I'll translate Utaban :]
and when I finish tranlating, chrysalis04 will do the hard subs :]
it might take a while to finish my transltion, though(-_-;;)sorry
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[TV Information] Ohkura on SCP in November

I was watching Tegoshi on Shonen Club Premium just now and they said that Ohkura will be next month's guest. I don't know why but I had this feeling that it would be him next... Scary! Haha. In any case, Ohkura will be the guest for November!

They usually have it on the third Sunday so my safe guess is that it will be aired on November 18. I will edit the post once I confirm the date, but just so you know... Ohkura will be the guest for November! 

[Edit] It IS indeed on November 18. Yay :-)
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(no subject)

I found THIS on youtube!!! Kanjani8 on Hey3 but not one I've EVER seen before. They're wearing costumes from Sukiyanen Osaka. So this means that Kanjani8 been on Hey3 4 times instead of 3? Anyone have info on this?

Also Maru fans should watch this because he does this really cracky dance. LOL I've watched like 938472937492 times, cracking up each times. XD


UTABAN (edited)

I was wondering if anyone is working on translating the latest Utaban episode.. I`m really looking forward to it~~ xD
arigato gozaimashita~~ =D
*peace* v(^^)

PS: everyone, sorry 4 the previous post if it's rude..
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(no subject)

hi everyone!! Is someone here lives in Singapore?? if so, can I ask if kanjani8 cd's are sold in stores in singapore?? Tnx...

Oh one more thing... Can someone explain to me what is tsukomi?? please give example... thanks again...