October 22nd, 2007


Kaimono Boogie

Hi again, everyone..
sorry 4 disturbing u with worthless posts..
I was wondering if anyone is working on transliterating the Kanjani8's version of Kaimono Boogie.. I`m really looking forward to it~~ xD
arigato gozaimashita~~ =D
*peace* v(^^)
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Sorry sorry sorry to make such an stup post/question... o.o and I don't know if this was already asked but I just ordered the IT'SM MY SOUL Limited Edition single and I wanted to know if it will come with any sort of gift? (。・ε・。)

thank you :3
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Hihi, I've sort of been away from the community (and the computer) for a loooong time due to studies so I was wondering if someone could give me an update/brief overview of whats been going on for the past month with Kanjani8? It would be much appreciated, if this isn't allowed please delete~ Thank you *^^*


Hi! I was looking through the comm and tried to download THE TETSUWAN DASH which featured Kanjani8 on Oct 7th, however MF has deleted those files! Does anybody have it and upload it again (preferably in MF or SS)? Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone... I've read that kanani8 will be on music station... I'm really excited about it but music station has been removed here in the philippines.. so please upload it after it is shown.. thanks... ^^

[Akira Shock!] Project #25: [SC] 2007.07.08

akirashocksubs would like to present the second Shounen Club (English subbed) that was in Osaka. =)

Project #25: [SC] 2007.07.08
Continuation from 2007.07.01 Shounen Club that Kanjani8 guests in Osaka, hosts Koyama and Murakami along with co-hosts Yabu and Hikaru from Ya-Ya-yah. Watch for a Koyama and Ryochan duet! Chat with OSSaN (where you find out what their name means). Letter exchange between B.A.D. In the Junior League segment, find out about the 32-year old Junior! You can also find out about the Eito Ranger's colors! Find out why Murakami chose purple and watch all the great performances in this Shounen Club Episode.

Enjoy the entire Shokura! :D

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