October 30th, 2007


Yes my dears here is my first post in a while to the comm as a NOT!mod. I couldn't be happier. Anyway after all the wank this fandom has seen in the last few days. And because that JE Hate meme ended up with 26 FUCKING PAGES. I have decided it's time for some LOVE. Ok so the meme itself was elyndys idea. I didn't do it. Please give her the credit for the awesome. I am just pimping it here because i am sure some of you would like it at least. Now I enjoy a good bitchfest as much as the next fangirl but I think I've had my feel of negativity and nastiness for a good while.

SO HERE IT IS ---> http://elyndys.livejournal.com/480720.html GO SHARE THE LOVE PEOPLE. It doesn't just have to be about K8 either! :D

PS. I'm not sure what tag this would go under so I'm just gonna leave it tagless for now. Hope thats ok. ^_^
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PLAYZONE 2007 DVD postponement

As already reported on a few other comms, the PLAYZONE DVD release has been temporarily postponed due to Akasaka Akira's arrest for drug possession. Information can be found here in Japanese and here in English. Another brief blurb on the arrest can be found here. (According to this announcement he is no longer a part of JE.)

Official announcement of the DVD postponement is shown here on the sale information page where the date is changed to "postponed".

Official announcement, unfortunately, of the cancellation of Uchi's talk event related to the release of the DVD is here.

PLAYZONE 2007 Change2Chance stars Shounentai, Akasaka Akira, and members of Johnny's Jr. (including Uchi Hiroki). Its run on the stage finished in September, and the DVD was to be released in early November.

Thanks to musikologie for helping me track down a couple of links. I will post updates if there are any, as well as additional information.

first post = two oneshots

yup yup first post = two oneshots. enjoy~~

Title: Easy
Summary: Uchi comes back to his hotel room he shares with Kusano, after the Kanjani8 Tokyo Dome Concert.
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G / Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Kusano/Uchi
Setting: 2007 - Rehearsing for Playzone
Chapter: ONESHOT

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Title: Relationships
Summary: Ryo’s view on his relationships with members in his two bands.
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8 (brief mention of Ueda)
Rating: PG-13 Shounen ai
Pairing: Ryo/Everyone
Setting: 2008 - After Kusano and Uchi return from their suspension.
Chapter: ONESHOT
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