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Title: Unforgettable

Author: Junno_aiba88/Blurly_gal88

Pairing: RyoXUchi, OhkuraXUchi, RyoTego

Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G/Fluff/Angst

Summary: sorry.. I am bad at summary… I am not sure if I want to write it as a muti-going chapters.. if you want more of it, please comment.. first time writing a BL Fic…


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i really want to thanks those who had taught me how to use LJ-CUT yesterday.. and really must apologies as i posted a really long fic... sumimasen..

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Help with ordering BiDan

Hi guys!
I need your help! I tried to resist and not order them but I failed :D
I'd like to order/buy all the 6 of BiDan which features a Kanjani 8 member. I don't know how is it possible, if it possible so I'm up for any suggestion.
Correct me if I'm wrong:
Januar: Tacchon;
April: Ryo;
June: Maru;
October: hina;
December: Yoko
and I don't know which one was with Yasu.
If you know how can I buy them (all of them at once or separetly) please let me know!
Thank you!!

If i tagged wrongly please correct me! :)

Yukan Club Episode 3 [Nya] (both versions)

Both versions are up now on MU if anyone is interested ^_^
Get all episodes here:
MFs (and Mus) can be found at the Nya!forums here:

If ppl were wondering:
Version one = Lower Quality
Version two = Higher Quality and final encode

hope i'm tagging this right *sweatdrop*