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Johnnyfy Your Phones

Kanjani Themes + Wallpapers for some SE phones. Not sure which model suit it but W800, W810 and K750 are sure fits.

I am so failing my finals if I keep doing this... T_T

1 - Subaru
1 - Hina
1 - Maru
1 - Ohkura
1 - Ryo
1 - Yasu
1 - Yoko

Phone Wallpapers 176x220pix:

3 - Subaru
3 - Hina
3 - Maru
3 - Ohkura
3 - Ryo
3 - Yasu
3 - Yoko

Available at my LJ.

Someone to Watch over P5

Title: Someone to Watch Over P5

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Paring: Subaru/Shota 
Genre: Angst

Summary: Shota keeps picking the wrong type of guys to go out with. But with every broken heart, he always turns to his best friend. 
Part one: Subaru had just gotten to sleep when the doorbell rang. )
Part two:



hi... just want to ask if anyone has a larger and better quality version of this picture of Ryo...

i just really need it...

thanks in advance
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 I have a small request. A while ago I came across a post of most(if not all) of the Honjani eps. The post had the eps listed in order and info like what the ep was about, what song the performed at the end, and if you could see Subaru's tattoo. Stupid me forgot to favorite it, and it was to long ago for me to remember where I saw it. Does anybody know which post i'm talking about or perhaps any links of sites where i can download the honjani eps? Thanks in advance!!!! ^___^