November 11th, 2007

Ryo - 47 Con Tour 8, 10-13rd Limited Live Photo Scans

Just thought people would want more of Ryo's limited photo scans, I have scanned the 8th, 10-13th set
I will scan more later if people need them? and coz its just too tiring to scan them all in 1 day...

By the way does anyone has the 9th set of Ryo's? that is the ONLY set I couldnt get my hands on.... I hope someone has it and is willing to scan them ne....


Please come to my journal for them, enjoy~  ^u^
Ryo Subaru

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I found all this, of all 8 singing Do You Agree. It looks like a PV. Did they have a PV for that song?


 Edit. Thank you all for the replies. I was wondering what it was. I knew Do you agree was never released on CD but couldn't figure out what that performance was. ^^
credit: aaa_is_loved

[SELLING] BRAND NEW Dec. Potato for $15 (shipping included)

hey! srry for the spamming but i'm trying to sell the NEW Dec. Potato mag :) 
it has a big KANJANI8 POSTER of them posing shirtless by the bay =]

$15 (shipping already included) in the U.S.

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tagging team-srry iono wat to tag this entry as.. there havn't been tags for ads or sales b4 =[ please do it for me! thankss

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