November 17th, 2007


Abunai Houkago

Hi! I'm sorry for posting Youtube stuff again, but OMG you guys have to watch this!
......Remember 'Abunai Houkago'?
(This clip was back in April 4th 1999, when V6 was on Music Station to perform 'Believe Your Smile', and that song was the theme song for 'Abunai Houkago', so Nino&Subaru made a quick appearance on MS to promote their drama! (They're both so young and sweet ^_^)
(This one fast forwarded to April 30th 1999, when Nino&Subaru performed 'Believe your Smile' on MS!! ...The shiny Jr days....*sigh*)

I've never seen both of these before, so I was like "OMG *gasp*" when I found it...haha

Final Sale

Hey everyone,

I'm clearing off everything left and reduced the prices! EVERYTHING is under $14 and that is INCLUDING SHIPPING! (to canada/ US)

-Magazines: (popolo, play, .....)
-Special extras

Artitsts include NEWS, kat-tun, kanjani 8, arashi, lee kun ki, fahrenheit, mike he, S.H.E, GOONG(drama) ,Wu Chun, and lots more)
So please have a look!  here :

thanks so much!


(no subject)

Konbanwa everyone! *o*
I have a little request for you: does anyone know on which site I can find the DVD of Ryo's Solo Concert 2006? Or does anyone know how could I get it somewhere?
Thank you soooooo much! ^O^
Kisses! ♥


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