November 23rd, 2007

[FANFIC/ONESHOT] Their own sweet home

Title: In their own sweet home
Underline: Two lovers, none of them gay
Where: In Japan. No, on Mars seriously. With small Marsians jumping around.
With who: The NEWS- and K8-members Nishikido Ryo and Uchi Hiroki. They so deserve their own tag. And... NEWS overall.
Theme&rating: PG I guess, it's... love? Bleh.
Character/Pairing/s: The big OTP a.ka RyoUchi (Nishikido Ryo/Uchi Hiroki) and mentions of NEWS-members and KusaShige.
Warning: Made this after watching Never Ending Wonderful Story and this cracky idea came up in my mind. Sorry for writing it down D:
Words: A friend told me it's closer to 5000 words than 4000. I have no idea.
Summary: They're not homosexuals but sharing a home. And of course jealousy is a main part of their lives.
Author's note: I'm such a OTP-whore and I've sould my soul to the RyoUchi-pairing. I strongly believes that they're not gay in the word's sentence like they're attracted to men but they certainly are attracted to each other no doubt.

"I. Didn't. Like. You. In. The. NEWS. DVD."

drabble/oneshot - Uchi/Everyone

 Title: How it should be
Summary: Uchi trys to come to terms with Kusano leaving Johnny's to go solo
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G/Fluff
Pairing: friendship mostly (slighty everyone babying uchi)
Setting: 2008 - Uchi is back with K8 and Kusano has debuted on his own outside of Johnny's
Chapter: ONESHOT  -somewhat sequel to Better This Way

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mysticwater/Kristy


somewhat of a sequel to "Better this way". but you dont need to read the first one to understand this one.
comments please~


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