December 2nd, 2007

blue lena

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i have a request. i hope thats ok. i used to have the latest k8 album, but unfortunately someone broke into my moms car where it was and stole it. so i was wondering if some kind person could up my favorite song off it, futari no namida ame please? i would love you forever!!!
wooyoung cuteness. ♥

Kanjani 8 wallies.


im angelica :) im new here in kanjani8's lj.
i really like them.

i would like to share the wallpapers i made last night.
actually, there's only two of them.

i dont know how to make a cut, so, here's the link:

it's not that good but still sharing to you guys. :)

if there's someone who's willing to teach me how to make a cut
it would be my pleasure to learn it from you guys. :)