December 16th, 2007

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Hi everyone; I have made a post (consisting of Parts 1 and 2) for a recap of the 47-con. I have translated the J-web comments for each prefecture and wrote up my thoughts/comments for the Documentary and the Photo Book. If any of you had trouble trying to figure out what was going on in the Documentary, this might be helpful...

Part 1 (01 Kanagawa to 25 Kagawa):

Part 2 (26 Tokyo to 47 Okinawa):

Note: Don't read if you don't want spoilers... because it's full of them, haha.

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[Request] Secret Agent Man

I was poking around on the wiki and came across information about a temporary unit made up of Higashiyama, Ryo, and some juniors that released a cover of Secret Agent Man. Does anyone have this single that they could upload? I tried looking through the tags and didn't see it, sorry if I missed it!
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soooooooo since I see that it has been deleted off youtube and I can't find it anywhere else, and I'm kinda dying to show it to my best friends, I was wondering if someone had the old Moon Brothers Clip with Baru, Hina, Yoko and Koichi doing tongue twisters?? :D
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