December 30th, 2007

SoSo Chan (credit)


Konnichi wa...ano gomen nasai demo i wanting to know if anyone had the SUKA-J vidoes...i know im all late but i didnt know that there was such a show until today as i was browzing the KANJANI8 page...all of them are not available anymore  and i really wanted to watch them all...if anyone is kind enough to upload them for me i would be soooooo grateful.....

you can email them to me SS,MF....or any other one except MU hate it ....

Arigatou Gozaimasu!
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More Wallpapers

I just finished these wallpapers, and want to share with all of you ^^.

Hope you like it, like my other wallpaper <3

Dômo arigatô gozaimashita, minna, matta!

P.S.: If you want, you can ask for a wallpaper of a particular member of kanjani ^^. I'll try to make one for you ^^, if I have time ^^.

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Hello all here is our Christmas present ( a little late)


A clock for Vista sidebar, or for people who got a sidebar and can use .gadget.
[info]lilyrh made the design and tytynono (you can visit his deviant gallery there ) modded the gadget on my request.
You just have to install it and like for the one by Microsoft look to change the skin, Eito'Clock is the sixth.
Now the link you can download it here

Hope you'll enjoy it as I do.


Selling Brand New Potato, Wink up & Duet Feb 2008

Hi everyone,
I'm selling brand new:

WINK UP Feb 2008

DUET Feb 2008

Each magazine is $12+shipping.
I'm willing to ship it everywhere.
I am not responsible for damage and lost that happened during shipping.
I accept concealed cash (at buyer's own risk) post office money order and paypal. If you're using credit card or debit card instead of money transfer with paypal there is extra fee.
Email me at: if you're interested.
Tell me which magazine you want and which payment method you prefered and where you want your magazine to be sent.
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Icon Post :D

Hello everyone!

First time posting. Posted it at the NEWS comm and realised that half of my icons are Ryo/Uchi so I guess I'll post it here too. *shot* Sorry for the bad quality.

[2x Uchi Hiroki]
[2x RyoUchi]
[2x Nishikido Ryo]


(Fake cut to LJ)