January 10th, 2008

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Pic Opinion

So it's like 3:30am so I might be a bit deluded but I was looking at some pictures and thought have you ever seen ryo in a photoshoot looking this GENUINELY happy after Uchi left? Coz I don't think I have:
Link here

EDIT coz this whole photoshoot shows way too much love!

I would really like to see what you people think and if there is another pic after Uchi's departure that Ryo looks this happy then haha my bad and please provide images =D *shot for random posting*
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Hi. Sorry for requesting ><

Does anyone have or know where I can get scans of:
1.) Subaru and Hina's interview from RAY June issue 2007?
Edit: Thank you so much to

for the yousendit link!! And, boneprincess88   for the mf link!!

2.) Subaru's interview from BIS August 2006 Issue

Thank you in advance!! Edit 2: Ok, I'm still looking for the second one, But no one seems to have it? *cries* "BIS" magazine is not published anymore, and this issue was the one just before they stopped publishing (i think?) so maybe it's hard to find it, ne... Anyway, here's some more pic of the interview, (just in case it helps with the search lol)

Bass guitar Maru

When drawing goes wrong...

So i decided to draw something this morning. I only recently starting drawing again (after not drawing seriously for about 8 years, to paint instead). I started out drawing Jin...which turned out to look more like Mike form Golf&Mike (so i was told)...then Junno...who ended up having a small head syndrom...and Ueda (who turned out beautifully like he is)...

So i get my stuff out.
Charcoal pencils...Check
Tracing paper...check
Pencil sharpener...check

So i install myself infront of the computer and start browsing for a good picture to draw...then i fall upon Ryo.
So i think, well this guy is not too shabby to look at for a while, so i'll draw him.

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I'm new here.
I wanna request for K8 pics.Especially my darling Ohkura.
It will be very good if it is K8 solo and sexy pics.huhu^^

Then,I wanna some baby K8 pics.
Yoroshiku ne~~~
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