January 13th, 2008


The Night the Maid Quit 3/3

Title: The Night the Maid Quit  3/3
Pairing: Ryohkura
Genre: Angst
Note: This is for yelloetta who requested an Ohkura/Ryo story that has angst with a happy ending.


Summary: Ryo comes home and finds his apartment a totaled. He comes to the wrong conclusion for the cause of the mess without knowing all the facts.


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Doumo minna san =D
sorry today I'm here with a question ^^~ you know I've got along with K8 just recently, and now watcing their  Excite!! concert (Yeah, hell know It's super super late .__.), but can anyone tell me the name, and the mp3 if you have, of the song that Hina and Yu duet, while Ryo lied there with lots of white flower before being brought back =D