January 17th, 2008

yama ohno sho

Kanjani8 in Utaban

hi minna..
im really a newbie here..i just getting like them for this few month..

and my problem is..
i've been searching their appearance on utaban..
and, yes, i did found some of the vids in veoh..but there's no subs..
since i know utaban is really a funny show and they,re funny too..i really want to watch it with sub..
so i can understand what are they talking bout...
so i try to find in this community.. 
and i did, again, found the link to the video i have mention about with subs on it..

the bad news is i cant DL from torrent and MU..
they hate me, apparently..XD

so, minna please suggest to me what should i do now..
i hope someone can help me to upload it to another server..
im totally helpless right now..^^

*sorry mod..cause i used a lot of space for this*

Sanbaka/3 ossans picspam!

So I finally finished that 3 ossans picspam I've been meaning to do for a while now. I collecting a ALOT of pics from 1997-2007, I managed to find pics with the 3 of them together for every year they've been in johnny's except 1996 and 2001. Some of these you might have seen before but i hope there's some pics here that will be new to some people . If nothing else I think it's fun to see how they've aged (and not aged XD) through the years.
I have the scans going from oldest to most recent.

Here's the link to the entry -

PS. this picspam took a long time and I turned my harddrive upside down looking for some of these. Cause I wanted it to be very comprehensive. Anyway if you like what you see please comment, so I know if people actually liked this, and if so I will try and do alot more picspams in the future because I am pretty obssesive in my K8 scans collecting so I have alot to share. ^_^

Gomen na, I have a quetion!

Uhm, I've downloaded the Mucha Buri in 20-11-07, the one had Leah and she has to choose one sover the boys, and Ryo's chosen as "boyfriend". I know the general idea over some introductions, but now I think I seriously need a sub, or just a translation for what's going on. So...can you tell me whether it's subbed already or not.

[sharing] Thank you message from JE's

I have put some photos my sisters took Johnny's Family Club in Shibuya @ my journal.
There are some Thank you messages for donation helping people in the middle east for the earthquake from JE's with my worse translation (My sister did very well translate from Japanese to Thai, but not well when I translated to English though. I have already tried my best anyway...^^...).

Johnny's Family Club @ Shibuya and Thank you message from JE's

Hope you enjoy!
Please comment if you have time.

PS. x-post to other communities as well

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hey guys does anyone have pictures of Subaru's tattoo?? i need it for a project that is due next week. i would really appreciates it, PLZ!!

it can be any pic as long as you can see the tattoo.

thank you so very much!!
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