January 20th, 2008


Calling All Roleplayers!


Are you interested in Johnny's Entertainment, or the Japanese entertainment industry? Do you like to roleplay? Do you like alternate universes? Then come take a look at Eastern Kingdom!


With their father on his deathbed, the three rival princes of the Eastern Kingdom stand together in line for succession of the throne.

King Higashiyama Noriyuki's sons: Imai Tsubasa, Matsumoto Jun, and Nishikido Ryo all strive to bring a unique asset to the kindgom. Born of different mothers, the competition lies not only in politics and personality but also in heritage and family.

The royalty of the neighboring kingdoms--North, West, and South--seek to influence the succession in their favor, and their respective princes are traveling to the East, doing their best to work their way into the confidences of their favored heir.

In the midst of political warfare, the kingdom itself holds its breath: castle staff, merchants, and commonfolk alike struggling at the mercy of royal mischief...

Wanted: Just about everybody.

Want to know more? Please come check it out!


mitei-ichi report

I went to the first show!!! 

to those who are going to the show, PLEASE DO NOT READ!!!!

 to those who can't go to the show and are interested in reading, douzo!!! but there are some things that i've forgotten and there might be mistakes all over so please read it at your own risk!!! 

it took me more then 8 hours to write this......