January 24th, 2008

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I never posted here, but since I made these to-eh, yesterday I thought I might as well share them!
because Kanjani is LOVE
and iconing is LOVE! xD

ok, so we have...
[15] Yasu
[03] Tacchon
[01] Hiroki Narimiya
[03] YamaPi
[02] Ryo
[05] Shige

You can get all you ever wanted HERE at damp_graphics
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Yoko & Maru on trip!

i don't know how many have heard (don't think its posted here yet)
but yoko and maru went to Macau!~
there was one girl that saw yoko on the street of Macau, with 2 other guys (non-JE).
then another girl searched for him and found him AND maru @ casino haha
supposedly she got a pat (?) on the head from maru and yoko didn't talk XD 
but lucky girl, no? >///<

o yes, this was on the 20th~ 
Dream Boys

[Fanfic] RYO: Ohkura's Story (part 1)

Title: RYO: Ohkura's Story (Part 1)
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura, A lil bit of Subassan
Rating: This part - NC 16
Genre: The usual stuffs
Disclaimer: I never understood the need for this disclaimer part, but...oh well..i don't own the guys...they own me.
Summary: Ohkura finds himself acting abnormally around Ryo. And its all because of that kiss, in tha name of "Fanservice". Its all Ryo's fault, isn't it?
A/N: ITS SUPER LONG. Also, never in my life have I ever cared about grammatical errors. So if you do find this un-editted, un-Beta-ed fanfic full of misplaced past and present tenses, forgive me...Just turn a blind eye to those grammar errors, kay? Go with the story's flow instead...and enjoy it...*hopefully*

Collapse )

Edit: Thanks to all who gave me their comments...It was heart-warming for me to see them. I've edited the mistakes you guys had pointed out. If there are other mistakes that i've overlooked in ignorance, please let me know. I really appreciate all your input!! Afterall, this IS my first fanfic posted in any community...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! XD
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