January 25th, 2008


Request: Kanjani8 on「チョイス」

I just saw this on youtube and I was wondering if anyone here has that full episode of  "Choice "/「チョイス」and hopefully in better quality XD~

I tried saving it from youtube but I guess you can't really save videos that has embedding disabled... errr, I'm not sure maybe it's just me ='(

BTW, sorry if if this isn't allowed.
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[RyoUchi] Congruence

Title: Congruence
Author: blufox_o7 
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki
Disclaimer: They're not mine. Shaddup.
Word Count: 2663
Notes: It's fluff. Really! It really is. Hahaha! Most light-hearted fic I've written since last year (I think). If this is not fluffy enough, then define fluff for me. Because seriously, angst is eating up my soul. ♥


x-posted. Sorry. :D
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Hi all.. I kinda need a little favor...  Im trying to organize my honjani videos but I'm having a hard time.. so does anyone have a complete list of honjani with dates?? thanks...

By the way.. remember my oist last december regarding the subbing of old kanjani8 tv shows?? well.. Its all coming true.. very very soon... ^^
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Looking for Recommen 071108 translation

I know this was translated by pichan_daccha before and I saved it to my memories, but when I looked for it again today I discovered that LJ has been deleted. T-T By any chance would anyone have copied+pasted it and saved it somewhere....or have an alternate translation...or something? D: It's the show with Ryo and Pi, by the way. I'd really really really x45723946729375 appreciate it 8D
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[Question] The mysterious sentence in the Osaka Rainy Blues Booklet

I just looked at the booklet last monday and a big questionmark popped in my head when I was reading that ->

I am clueless why it is written there.
the only possible answer which came to my mind was: maybe Uchi and Ryo were the once who wanted Heavenly Psycho in the single included. But actually this theory doesn't make much sense to me.

So I wanted to ask if anyone knows maybe why it is written there for real. :D
Perhaps it's also a stupid question I don't know. XD

Since it's also in the Naniwa Iroha Bushi booklet I guess iverin is right and it has something to do with the labels because News did debut before Eito.

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Hello minna! ^.^ I made a pair of wallpapers..!


I like much more the Ryochan one...hope you'll like them! ^^

I also have e very little request: has anyone got "Eden" lyric with kanji version and translation? even if it has not kanji version is ok!
Domo arigatou! ♥