January 26th, 2008

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(30) Kanjani8
(07) Group
(01) Maruyama x Murakami
(01) Maruyama x Shibutani
(01) Maruyama x Yasuda
(01) Murakami x Nishikido
(01) Murakami x Shibutani
(01) Murakami x Yasuda
(01) Murakami x Yokoyama
(01) Nishikido x Shibutani
(01) Okura x Yasuda
(01) Okura x Yokoyama
(01) Shibutani x Yokoyama
(02) Ryuhei Maruyama
(02) Shingo Murakami
(02) Subaru Shibutani
(02) Tadayoshi Okura
(02) Yu Yokoyama
(25) NEWS
(22) TOKIO
(03) V6

Total: 80 icons


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(no subject)

By chance, I realised that exactly a year ago, I did a K8 pimp post, so I thought I'd repeat it this year and try and hook a few more people! But I have no idea whether my friends list will even click the link, lol, and I spent so long on it I thought I'd share it here just in case people wanted to check it out! It's probably stuff you'll all have seen before, but feel free to come and have a browse anyway. ^_^

Ties in neatly with Hina's birthday, too! :) Go here if you'd like to see! ☆