February 1st, 2008

Johnny's-Eating Fangirl Brains & Wallets

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Hello all,

We're selling some pinups and clippings of various JE members/groups, including some sizzling hot Kanjani8 merchandise, at our sales journal HERE!

Also in this sales post is a heck of a lot of Junior merchandise, including pre-debut Hey! Say! JUMP/Ya-ya-yah/J.J. Express members, Kis-My-ft2, A.B.C., BAD & BOYS, OSSaN, Kansai juniors, etc. etc. at only $0.25 per page! Please come and take a look!

X-posted like an x-posted thing, sorry!

Ryo's heavenly psycho in 47dvd

Hi! Can anyone please provide me with a mp3 rip or direct me to where the links are located or teach me how to rip an audio mp3 from an avi file for Ryo's performance of heavenly psycho in the 47dvd?

The perfomance is simply HEAVENLY PSYCHO! HAHAHA (pardon my lame joke)
but i wanna put the mp3 in my ipod so i can listen to it as i go to school!

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Hello everyone! I have a kinda small and stupid request.. hahaha.. While reading the drama about the poll thing.. I saw someone commented with jonhhy kitagawa as her icon... So i was wondering if someone can provide me a picture of Johnny.. hahaha..

Sorry if this post is not allowed.. ^^
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Ryo Watch Community

I'm here to pimp ryo_watch, a community we created to collect all the Nishikido Ryo related news, photos, clips, general information etc...
It is open to the public, so anyone may join, and anyone may post.
Please note, that there are (and will be) some locked posts, so you might want to consider joining the community not just friending it.
Make sure to read the rules if you are interested. :)

Thank you for your attention!
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