February 5th, 2008

KangHyuk Kiss by ficcy

[REQUEST] Link to download any Eito Ranger's Performance/Skit/Whichever, please??

Hi!! I am really frustrated right now because of this thing :

I am looking for video of Eito Ranger's skit/show/whichever that is English-subbed. I saw the link a few days ago but silly me, I forgot to add it to my favorite! *cries*

Could you please point me to any link that has Eito Ranger performance in it? If it's english-subbed then it's extra cookies for you. But I will take the raw too. Pretty pleeazze? *puppy eyes*

I love Eito very much but I haven't even once watched them as Eito Ranger. Isn't that sad??

So please HELP MEEEE!!
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Hi everyone... Does anyone know the utaban episode wherein the host said that kanjani8 is the most influential among the je groups? Takajin mentioned this on janiben zukkoke otokomichi special... if i'm not mistaken, kat-tun was the guest in that episode.. ^^