February 6th, 2008

EXO-K // Kai

Yokoyama Yu ga yacchaimasu 2nd round of concerts! Subaru & Hina on SCP [Stage Report]!

Yoko's 2nd Round of Solo concerts

Whoa, second round of Yoko's solo concerts in Nagoya and Tokyo confirmed on the Johnnys-net homepage.

There'll be 2 concerts in Nagoya (March 1st & 2nd) and two more in Tokyo (March 15th & 16th).


Subaru and Hina appearing on Shonen Club Premium
Whoa, I don't think any other Johnny's have appeared on SCP twice have they? Grah, it's stage report for Mitei Ichi D: Sorry for the fuss. Catch the boys on SCP on February 17, 6.00 - 6.50pm (Japan time), NHK-BS2!


Ryo will be appearing in the magazine GLAMOROUS for the March issue. Going on sale tomorrow yo! (February 7th)

And randomly - there are employment opportunities for people wanting to join the employment of JE XD;
mystery lady

[Fic] Your Smile

Hye.. I’ve tried my hands in writing fanfiction. This is my very first. So, I hope that minna wud be able to comment and criticize to help me improve. Yoroshiku..



Title: Your Smile

Pairing Subassan/OhYass

Rating: Not sure

Summary: Triangle between Subassan and OhYAss.

A:N: I apologize to all OhYass fans, but trust me I like them too. They are my second OTP. But I love Subassan. Gomenasai.. but, I’m not sure either how this story would develop. But, please, read and comment. I appreciate it.



“Not with me. Love always hurts in the end, it’s just the matter of who’s at the receiving end. I can’t trust myself. For all we know, I might end up hurting him.”

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Yasu icons

I've made a few icons of Yasu I hope you'll enjoy.


The rest are here at my icon journal. Sorry there's not many to start with but there will be more added. =)
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