February 7th, 2008

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Uchi in Wink Up

Hello ^^

Umm, this is my first time posting in this community, if not allowed, please delete.

My sister told me Uchi had a two page shoot in a Wink Up magazine. Is this true? Did someone mention this on the community already? I havent been catching up on the news lately, so i dont really know.

If this is true, are the scans up yet? Does anybody have the scans for it? Can you show me if you do? I really want to see it ^^

Thanks :D

jentfic_remix? What?


Have you ever read a story and thought, "You know, if I'd written that, I'd have [made it darker/lighter, shorter/longer, from a different POV, in a different tense, made the pacing faster/slower, structured it differently, told it in flashbacks, etc.]"?

That's what jentfic_remix is about. If you like to read (and write!) JE fanfiction, with a different spin, please come join us. Still looking for writers for the first batch of remixes. Details can be found RIGHT HERE.


Good bye JaniBen !:
The program of Kanjani, JaniBen stopped the emission to end of March, this being replaced by a program of Kansai Jr. Still are the not news on, if the Eito they began with a new program.

New dorama of Ryo!
Ryo released a new dorama the 22 of April, will be emit every Tuesday to the 22 hours. The small co-protagonist will be Mizukawa Asami (knew by her paper in Yamada Taro), and is rumored that also Kitagawa Keiko. nut now there aren't news on the argument of dorama.

Yoko in Shichou Tooyama Kyouka!
And the this one is Yoko that returns to release a dorama. It is rumored that he do the paper protagonist of the adaptation of the manga Shichou Tooyama Kyouka. Shojo in which mayor falls in love with his charwoman.

(i remember that all this is just that rumors, its mean, that still itsn't confirmed.)

bye bye.
Chloe-baby! <3



Yoko JUST announced it on Recommen and they will be playing it ON AIR next week! YAY!

It will be released in March 12!!!  But I didn`t catch the date over my spazing <3

There`s also a coupling song, but we don`t know anything other than that it is `yabai.` (As Yoko said many times haha)

EDIT: Coupling songs are 「BJ」& 「誰より君が好きだから (Dare yori kimi ga suki dakara)」(maybe?) for K8`s single <3