February 13th, 2008

KangHyuk Kiss by ficcy

[REQUESTs] Links to Eito's songs' Romaji Lyrics, please?

Okay, I know I've spammed this lovely community before with my requests and questions. But you guys never fail me before so now I'm kinda addicted to your help. ^__^

Could anyone please tell me how I can get romaji lyrics for these Eito songs :

- Misetekure

- Do you agree?

- Kuchibue no Mukou

- Carnival

- Actually, basically if you could give me links that has all Eito's romaji lyric, I'll be very grateful!!

It's easy to find lyrics of songs that is already in PV, but it's hard to find lyrics of the songs that only appear in album or concert or performances.
So if you could help me, it'll brighten my day, really.

Thank you in advance!!
Bass guitar Maru


My question has been answered!!! thank you for everyone (specially boneprincess88 and scareda )
you guys made my day!

Im in love with that concert!!! 
My only problem is when it comes half way through it (when they start singing as a band) i have no idea what those songs are and i very much like them (one of my favorit includes Ohkura, Maru and Yassu musical number...then they go on singing everyone together...all i can remember is the english part goes something like "I dont know what to say, should i cry or should i laugh") and also, i love Subaru's solos but i also donèt know the name of it....

If anyone would know the title of those songs, i would great appreciate it.
Also if you have any audio rips of that concert, i have been looking anywhere, but i can't find any. (i understand most of those songs are not on CDs)

thank you!!
mystery lady

[Fic] Your Smile (part 2)


I finally get to update this fiction of mine. Oh, I’m so torn between two now. What should I do? If any of you out there who happens to have any idea, please share it with me ne. I would love to hear comments, critics and ideas from you. Jaa, kyou mo, yoroshiku.



Title: Your Smile (Part 2)

Pairing: Subassan/OhYass

Summary: Triangle between Subassan and OhYAss.

A:N: I’m sorry Yasu, Subaru and Tacchon. I’ve done nothing but torture you  guys. Sorry, trust me. I do love you guys..



“What am I to do Hina? What if I lose Yasu? I don’t want to lose him Hina.”


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well i was at my friends house going through old drawings and we came apon an old K8 pic i drew and was thinking about turhing it into like a bag or something?

id still have to look into it but its only an idea. huh i guess im just seeing if ppl would be intrested.

i need monies.

go to the cut for pic and ideas i guess

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Subtitles, not homework. Again.

Kanjani8 on Utaban 071018

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( HERE )

  • Yasu being called gay again
  • Yasu picking his favorite guy in Eito...
  • Hina being obsessed with money (what else is new? Well, I could say that about Yasu, too XD)
  • Yoko never shutting up
  • Ryo getting slapped around by Ishibashi-san
  • The gayest performance ever of It's My Soul, complete with Cowboy-styled karaoke to go with their awful costumes from the PV (though they didn't wear them for this)

Janiben 02062008, Guest: KABA-chan (eng subbed - BNS)

Hi all! 
Valentine greetings from the BakaNoSekai (BNS) subteam.
For the love of eighters ~ english subbed, guest: KABA.chan

The infamous kiss from KABA.chan to our sexy scorpio man.
An interesting episode where we get healthy lectures from KABA.chan. 


// BNS subteam is currently working on the 47 concert DVD (inclusive of both LE and RE footages) 
Release will be coming in soon, so please anticipate~