February 15th, 2008

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Title : Trigger Chapter 4
Pairing : RyoUchi
Rating : PG-15
Genre : Crime, angst
Summary: Nishikido Ryo was a disillusioned investigator in the Tokyo Major Crimes Division, filled with self-hatred and regret for not being able to save his sister. Uchi Hiroki was a journalist looking for a scoop. A macabre crime by a killer with a personal vengeance soon brings the two together.
A/N : This chapter has been languishing in my HD for some time, and I never quite finished it. I actually have no idea why I persist in writing this, considering these fics normally aren't well-received but I'll just take it that I'm entertaining myself. Happy vday tho this isn't exactly vday reading material

Then he realized belatedly that he was no different, and no better

Interested to know more Singapore Kanjani 8 Fans!!


This is the 1st time I'm posting here! I've been a fan for quite a while but I only know 2 Eighters!! I want to use this chance to know more Kanjani 8 fans, especially the ones in Singapore!! Yoroshiku!!

Name: Sky

Age: 19
*But turning 20 in exactly 2 months time, trying to deny the big 2 as much as I can, haha!

Who I like more in K8: Yoko and Ryo!!

Reasons: There are too much to list so I shall just mention a few.. I love how Yoko is the underground "gang leader" in K8 and the few that can bully Ryo, haha!! I love Ryo because he is such a baby in K8, so cute!! =P

How I got into K8: When my SMAP fan friend recommended me to watch Sankyoudai's Abake on Shounen Club!! And it just snowball-ed, haha!!

Other Favourite Groups/Artists:  Basically, I like all of JE groups!! SMAP being my 1st, K8 being 2nd!! I also listen to EXILE and Kobukuro!!

Looking forward to read minna's replies!! (^_^)

I'm surprised by the fast responses!! Haha!! Please introduce yourself too if you can, I want to know more about minna too!! =D



By the way, I'm helping nryo to order Kanjani 8's [47] Concert DVD from HMV Japan since I have an account there.. Since the shipping is quite expensive when ordering just 1 DVD, so we want to try our luck and see whether we can find someone who wants to buy too, so can share the cost.. =D

HMV JP Link (English Version):

Currently they are having a 25% discount for ordering 2 Music DVDs, so if any Singaporean fans want to order this DVD or any JE groups/other artists DVD, maybe can order together? Firstly, can get the discount, and secondly can share shipping cost!

The shipping cost is 900yen for 2 items and below, 1100yen for 3 items, 1380yen for 4 items etc.. So when its divided it is cheap, HMV also deliver fast (within 3days through EMS!!), thats is why I like buying DVDs from there, haha!! 

I don't mind helping to order albums or singles too.. =)

*[Note: Albums/Singles doesn't have any discount! But when ordered together, it is still cheaper than when you buy in HMV Singapore.]

I'm ordering from HMV today, 23rd Feb, so ordering is closed!! (^_^)
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first post, muchaburi request

Hi, I came across a random video clip from the 11/20/2007 Muchaburi on youtube and was wondering if anyone knew a link to download the episode. It's the episode with Leah Dizon on it, here's the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXqkRtABj34&feature=related

Failing a link to the episode, could someone tell me what the first and last roles are (and maybe if you know, who she picked for them, or even if she did pick after Yoko's kiss.. or did she pick maruyama?? i need help)? I can't read the kanji for one and I don't know what hatoko means (though I assume the former is the best role and the latter is something bad)...

Please help!

[note: i DID look through the tags before posting this]

[FIC] Coming Back

Title: Coming Back
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: ? (Warning: severe angst, deathfic)
Summary: The remaining members of Kanjani8 wonder what keeps them coming back to the Jimusho after every death...
A/N: One-shot written for mujun's International Uber-Emo Angsty Comment Fic Day(s) challenge... This is also my very very first finished Eito fic and only the second one I've ever attempted. (the first one, I am still working on...hehehe vampire!Ohkura FTW)

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