February 23rd, 2008

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My last batch from the photobook ^^

[01 - 36] Groups
[37 - 46] Yasuda Shota
[47 - 56] Shibutani Subaru
[57 - 65] Nishikido Ryo
[66 - 74] Okura Tadayoshi
[75 - 81] Maruyama Ryuhei
[82 - 88] Murakami Shingo
[89 - 90] Yokoyama You


The rest here
stock → wear me out;

5 Kanjani8 wallpaper

 Eh, basically it's me wishing it's summer ; so here are some Kanjani8 beachy/summer theme wallies! ♥
Be nice k XD This is my first time making wallies and whatnot (so sorry if they're kinda lame 8D) :Dv

{ 5 } Kanjani8
.o3 → Group
.o1 → Okura Tadayoshi
.o1 → Yokoyama Yu

eeeh? what's this!? no teaser?! :O

  →  { GO HERE! :D

Free clippings lottery drawing type thing. :D

I have excess magazine clippings that need a few good homes to go to. They've been lying around my room for the past couple months alone and in need of love. D: I figured they should go somewhere where they'll be more appreciated.
I have:

Yasu (9)
Shingo (10)
Maru (10)
Ryo (18)

Comment here and tell me which of these members clippings you're interested in. I'll do a different drawing for each member, so you can enter your name for all 4 if you wish. :D I'll do the drawing on/around Sunday night Monday morning the 25th(ish) to see who wins.

Collapse )

~ Singapore Fan Gathering!! ~

*EDITED on 25th Feb @ 11.30pm*

The voting will end on 27th Feb at 11.30pm!! It is brought forward because more time is needed to compile who is coming and bringing what items for potluck (if Plan C wins).. On the 28th, another post will be posted to confirm the timing, meeting place and things to note!!

Looking forward to the gathering!! (^_^)


Hey everyone!! After discussing with some fans in LJ & MSN, and "compiling" the comments in my previous post, we came up with the followings!! =D

1) Most people are free on Weekends, especially Sundays!
2) Central is the easiest place to meet up!

Here are some of my suggestions:

Plan A
Date: 2nd March, Sunday
Venue: Shaw Tower's Mc Cafe (Openspace, so not so obvious when we are screaming our heads off!! LOL!!)
Meeting Place: Shaw Tower's Mc Cafe
Activity: Chatting!!
Time: 2pm

Plan B
Date: 2nd March, Sunday
Venue: Cash Studio @ Ochard
Meeting Place: Orchard MRT
Activity: Singing KTV and chatting!!
Time: 2pm

Plan C
Date: 2nd March, Sunday
Venue: East Coast Park
Meeting Place: East Coast Park, near Macdonalds?
Activity: Potluck and chatting!
Time: 2pm

Minna, please choose your favourite plan!! More suggestions are welcome!! (^_^)

Since the date is 2nd March, lets make it 29th the last day to vote and make suggestions, then 1st March the final date to confirm everything!!

*EDITED @ 24th Feb, 12:05am*
If you chose Plan C, please state what you will bring or thinking to bring, hee!! I think I will make Tamagoyaki!! And maybe Nikujyaga!! (^_^)

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