February 27th, 2008


FANFIC: Triple Date?! - Multi-Pairing - oneshot

 Title: Triple date?!
Summary: Yasu tricks Subaru into a tripple date.
Fandom: Kanjani8 (and Kusano)
Rating: G/Fluff
Pairing: Subaru/Yasu, Kusano/Uchi, Ryo/Ohkura,
Setting: 2008 - Uchi is back with K8 and Kusano has debuted on his own outside of Johnny's
Chapter: ONESHOT

AN: w00t another Hiro² fic!! features subaru being a baby, ryo being grumpy, and yasu and uchi trying to use their cuteness to their advantage. In other words, typical eito<3
--this one is more light hearted than the others--

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mysticwater/Kristy

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Hiro²  Oneshot Series: 
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FINALLY, thanks!

wow this was hectic

im here to post the final list. ill be starting bag making this weekend and everyone who paid through paypal and those who's CC makes it to me will be constructed first. i guess thats whats gonna work for me. so here is the list if something is wrong please say so!!!

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masu_daisuki 2, rainbow sripes, 関ジャニ∞, IN PROGRESS [concealed cash]

for people who arent on the list
go to my LJ and you will see a post for a waiting list and post there

the original post is here
Ryo;; Kingu

[drabble] My Immortal

Title: My Immortal
Author: </a></b></a>fresie/</a></b></a>fisshuok
Pairing: Ryo x Uchi
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: ...do I really have to keep doing this?
Summary: Too much pain from missing one has a big effect on people, especially if his name is Hiroki Uchi.
Author's Note: This is just a little something-something that I've been doing for a while. It's just short pieces of fic. It's not even fic, it's just a series of drabbles, but it's sticking to a story. I just put it this way. :] Enjoy.

Parts I've posted so far;;

[01] [02] [03]
my frog prince..

[Selling] Ohkura Tadayoshi Uchiwa

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sorry x-posted

B2ST: Dongwoon Teaser

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Hi minna! I'm new here! My name is Keiko! Nice to meet you all! (:
I've brought a bunch of K8 icons! Hope you like them! :D

[33] Kanjani8 + 3 gifs.
[6] Inoue Mao
[7] Toda Erika
[1] Aoi Yu
[1] Miyazaki Aoi
[1] Narimiya Hiroki


The rest @ pankeiko:)

If you would like to see more of my icons, feel free to check out my LJ.

Need help for school project


Currently i need to come with an idea on what to do for my school e-commerce project. Since i like JE so much, i thought of doing something related to JE. I came out with a survey to support my idea, i hope you can help me out by responding to the survey. Your help will really be appreciated! Please and thank you!

Link to survey: http://www.createsurvey.com/c/64241-t2KaRo/

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